Month: December 2020

When we talk about personal brand, we talk about how people see put identity. It is about what they see us as, and things associated with us. A personal brand is different from a business brand. I may be running a parking management business, and the business has its own brand, which is very different from my personal brand. A personal brand reveals who a person is, what he offers, and what he values. If you are working in a company, your colleagues create a perception of you based on how you present yourself to them. It can be either good or bad, depending on the image you present yourself.


Breaking down a personal brand

A personal brand can be broken down into three distinct parts – that is personality, skills, and values. These three aspects often get expressed when we share out thoughts and opinions during a conversation. When you work with your colleagues on a day to day basis, you allow them to learn about you. In your interactions, it is important to understand the value of creating a positive personal brand that others can admire and respect.


Have a positive attitude

In your line of work, you need to maintain a positive attitude. It is this form of attitude that will lead to success and happiness in your career and life. Keep yourself well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities that lie ahead of you. You will position yourself in a better chance to attract the right people to work alongside you and learn from them. A positive attitude will help you get things to get done quickly. Make it easy for people to like you and express an attitude that people admire. When faced with challenging tasks, aspire to do your level best to deliver results to your abilities and establish a brand that portrays yourself as a problem solver.


Watch your actions

They say actions speak louder than words and in branding, that is very true. If you work in an organization, be a person of your words. Establish consistency in anything you do. Be on time to your place of work and show commitment to get things done. For tasks on your desk, ensure you communicate efficiently and leave no doubts in your message. For what you promise to do, follow through to have it done. Ensure you operate with the highest levels of integrity and be a person others admire and wish to become. Let your actions and character inspire others to get the best out of themselves.


Value people

People appreciate others more when they feel valued equally. People will want to be associated with you if you are dignified and respect others. Have a reputation for making other people feel important and learn to accommodate people despite their weaknesses. Any dramas and bad experiences you create with others go down to defining your legacy and brand.  Follow through on anything you promise to ensure it happens according to the plan. When communicating with others, give people undivided attention. Follow through the conversation actively and show empathy.

Toxic people can be very dangerous. They can cause you extreme stress, alt your progress, and can take a massive drain on your time, resources, and happiness. I have experienced toxic people in my life and I had to distance myself away from most of them to concentrate on contracting to my towing service clients. In business and your line of work, you may encounter toxic people as well. You may find yourself dealing with a manipulative boss, a backbiting friend among others.

If you put a lot of focus on these people, they can cause damage to your positive thinking, alter your progress, and make you live a miserable life. It is important to cut toxic people out of your life, and here is how to go about it.


Keep them at a distance

First, consider distancing yourself from them as compared to complete removal. Consider your relationship with them and estimate their toxicity levels. Some toxic friends and colleagues can be improved simply by creating space between you and them. See and talk to them less and be less available in places where they are found. If it is a family member, it is important to understand that you don’t owe anything to your family members simply because you are related by blood.


Accept it may take time

If a toxic person has a tendency of disrespecting your principles and boundaries, they will likely not accept your current boundaries. You need to be firm, principled, and consistent in telling them to stay away. Cutting ties from them can be a process, and it will start by creating a distance between you and them.


Avoid making unnecessary explanations

You owe no one apology and when you cut toxic people from them, you have no need to give them any huge explanation. It is okay to tell them how you feel but you don’t need to give them any explanation whatsoever. Always try to keep things simple if you have to disclose any details to them. You can look into their lives and tell them calmly you don’t want to be part of their life anymore. Avoid getting caught up in unnecessary debates.


Avoid arguments

There comes a time to communicate to them your state of mind. First, choose your method of communication. You can meet them in a public place if you have to. If they try to argue or cause a scene, firmly stand by your boundaries and swiftly end the interaction. Avoid getting into their trap to negotiate and request them to leave you alone. Have a steady-state of made up mind and express yourself firmly.


Block your interactions

Getting rid of toxic relationships requires preventing all forms of contact. One of the leading places toxic people hide to stalk you is on social media. Block all their interactions with you on social media and don’t give them an opportunity to remain in your life. Stick firmly to your boundaries and block all lines of communication.