The power of starting small

One of the most controversial human perceptions about achieving anything in life is to think big and want to go big. We waste a lot of time trying to figure out how and when to start on a project. Sometimes, we end up planning too much and waiting to avail all resources, and this may make us get overwhelmed. It is easier to procrastinate when we fell too overwhelmed and that is not a good way of making progress. I remember very well when starting a power washing in Fredericksburg business, I got a little bit overwhelmed planning every detail. But the solution to getting it done in anything, whether big or small, that you want to do, is simply starting small.


If you want to build a habit of becoming a doer, you need to accept and opt for the approach of starting small. Here is why starting small is very powerful.


Starting small requires less time and energy

It is easier to take a small stride than making huge leaps. Let’s take an example; If you want to lose weight, do you start by hitting the gym 3 hours, 7 days a week, or do you start an hour a day for just 3 days. The first option sounds more powerful, but it is not very realistic and sustainable. The second option is more encouraging and motivating and can easily be achieved. If you want to make your habit stick and become sustainable, ensure you start small.


Starting small prevents you from getting overwhelmed

When resistance is small, it is easy to carry out tasks. Small resistance prevents you from feeling overwhelmed. Take an example you have to write 300 pages for a book and you decide to write the book in a week’s time. You may get overwhelmed and may quit in the process. Instead, you can decide to be writing 5 pages per day or something like that. That way, you will find you have effortlessly completed writing the book. Most people tend to overestimate what they can do in one year, and overly underestimate what they can do in ten years.


Starting small grows your confidence

Starting small will build your confidence and build your momentum. It will unclog your brain to overcome paralysis. People who succeed in life have a lot of momentum. The more they succeed in life, the more they want to succeed. When you create small victories, you feel good about it and you want to take more action to achieve even bigger victories. Success is a cycle that is well realized by starting small.


Starting small lowers stakes of failure

Starting small will lower your stakes of failure and will give you immediate feedback. Look at how technology companies come up with a new product to the market. They focus on Minimum Viable Product which has just enough features to satisfy early customers and help get feedback. They then use this feedback to gauge the acceptability of their product to the market and enhance the product for future developments. When starting a business or project, you are not very sure if the business or project will succeed. The best way to go about it is to start small and measure how the market reacts to your offering. You then use the feedback to make bod moves.

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