How to Leave a Lasting Legacy

As a leader, one of arguably the most important and powerful things you can do in your career and life is to leave a great legacy upon exiting the scene. Even when you are out of the picture, people will tag you and want to be associated with everything you did. In business, building a legacy can take the form of working hard to ensure the long-term viability of an organization. It entails leaving an organization stronger, more productive, profitable and valuable than it was when you started steering it

In everything you do, there are a couple of ways to ensure you leave an impression and a lasting legacy that can inspire future generations. Here is how to go about it.


Define your legacy

To build anything, you must know the end goal. What does it mean to you to create a legacy? What would you want people to remember you for? What contribution do you want to make to the world? You may have a goal of impacting a huge population by creating social change and social movement. If you do everything in your capacity to have your goal happen, that becomes your legacy. Many people have created their legacy by turning once poorly performing institutions to profitability. Others have created a legacy through charitable giving. Whatever the legacy you want to create, start by defining it first.


Take Action

No matter what you desire your legacy to be, start taking action today. No matter how small or bay steps may be, take action. Any step you take serves your legacy and means you have already started living it. We are not guaranteed any specific time on earth, so start taking action now. The longer you can live, the greater you can impact many lives. To create a maximum impact, live your legacy every day of your life. In success, resilience and consistency are major factors, and so it is in creating a lasting legacy.


Be persistent

All great endeavors and success stories have been met with a lot of obstacles and resistance. You may experience resistance from all quarters, including those close to you. Generally, people don’t want to do anything that gets them out of their comfort zones. For anything you do, the moment you start to experience resistance, just know you are doing things right. Living your legacy will be a long road that will be met with vengeance, resistance, and distractions. The only way no navigate your path is sticking to your purpose and eliminating all distractors.


Share your legacy

While not everyone is built with a desire to be in the spotlight, one of the best ways to share your legacy is to get out there and ensure everyone recognized the impact you are creating to the world. Start with the people close to you, your friends, and family members and declare your legacy to the world. Ensure you surround yourself with people who will support you in creating your legacy. They will stand with you and encourage you even when you are facing a storm.

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