Best Ways to develop a strong discipline

There are very many important qualities that can contribute to one’s achievements and happiness – and one of these qualities is self-discipline. I doubt if I would be very wrong to say that when it comes to self-discipline, to many people, it is a work in progress. One of the greatest contributors to long term success be it in life, fitness, work ethic, relationships among others, is self-discipline. But just like anything else, self-discipline comes from practice. Not every day will be perfect, but with some failures and small wins, you can make very vital progress.

People who have high self-control are happier as compared to those who don’t have. Due to their discipline, they are capable of dealing with many things including conflict and managing themselves. If you are looking forward to some sure ways to build self-discipline, here is how to go about it.


Remove temptations

Self-control is easy when you decide to abide by the adage- out of sight, out of mind. The first and most crucial step towards working on your self-discipline is removing all forms of temptations and distractions from your sight. If you want to eat clean, get the junk off your kitchen. If you want to be more focused and productive in your workplace, get rid of clutter, get your phone away, and desist social media.


Eat clean and exercise

Studies have shown when you have very low blood sugar, your resolve is weakened. When you are very hungry, you will suffer trying to concentrate as your brain will not be functioning to its highest potential. At the same time, when you eat too much, you might develop discomfort during the digestion process. Ensure you take small healthy meals that will give you optimum performance. Avoid sugar and foods high on carbs and salt. Avoid processed foods as well since they tend to clutter your brain and slow it down.


Take small steps

One of the most important steps you can take to create a habit and improve on your self-discipline is to take small steps. For whatever you plan to do, the key to getting it done is through taking action. You may have all the best plans and goals in the world, but they won’t come into results unless you take action. Do not wait until you have amassed all the resources required to start. Just get started with the little you have, and work yourself up.

Have a schedule

Do you know the most successful people in the world have a strict routine they follow religiously? They plan their next day before going to bed and have a very organized schedule of tasks before them. Doing so promotes their productivity, saves time, and discards distractions. For any task, you want to achieve, put it done on paper, plan for it, schedule breaks, and work towards having it completed. For all small wins, you make, treat, and reward yourself. Develop new habits that will help you reach your purpose easily. Be principled and stick to what works for you.

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